We are able to deal with any dog breed, shape and size.

DreamyDogWalking has helped many different dog owners find the true side of there dogs that happy fun yet controlled side
thats dreamydogtraining. One of our many services.

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Dog Walking

Dog Walking is one of our most used services, we will walk your dog for however long is needed at one great price.


We offer a great daycare service where your dog will be walked at least during that day by one of our staff members and will be taken care of in our nice big home for the rest of the day.( they will be supervised the entire day/ played with and if allowed by owners can socialize with other dogs.


Going on holiday? why not use dreamydogboarding, we will take care of your dog in our big house while your away and they will be cared for as if they are our own dogs. We will try our best to walk them twice a day but if we are to busy they might have to make do with one but a staff member will be monitoring them constantly and they will be able to socialize with other dogs throughout there stay. They will love it.


Dreamy Dog Training will help you teach your dog most basic commands, how to get along with other dogs and that the owner is the boss and there not why not give us a try?

When you need your roof to be fixed you call a repair man, when you want your dog to be happy while your at work you call us.

- DreamyDog

3 main reasons explaining
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Give your dog a try at dreamydog they will love the play and new friends they meet. *

* Dreamydog lets you work without worries and give your dog a great time.

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